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Photo Keepsakes - Memories Just Waiting to Happen

Photos are keepsakes. My sister has more than 100 scrapbooks of photos in her house, chronicling her life, her children's lives - and every person she has ever come into contact with. My photos, while valuable to me, sit in a big box in my basement, patiently waiting for my organized sister to

Divinity and the Facade of Power

Those of us who have power or have had power over others have a great responsibility to use that power in a constructive manner. We need to mindful of the possibilities of repercussions we may face when our earthly lives end and our eternal lives begin. We need to consider that we all have lived man

What Is Business Coaching

Maslow believed something comparable to "What do we mean by way of the discovery of identification? We all imply studying what your valid wants and attributes are, as well as with the ability to live ...

There Is A Universal Law Of Abundance - Part 2

Simply praying may not help much. Instead it may be more effective to meditate intensely for more than 15 minutes on the actual result of one's intent which must be in tune with the good of all and never against anyone's wishes. By understanding some of the timeless, mystical truths deeply

Helpful Tips on Anger Management Techniques

When you react to anger, you may often make unwanted or regrettable decisions. It is important to learn to not react to anger, but rather to respond to it. A response to anger involves a more communicative approach, where you explain your feelings or your situation before simply acting immediately o

How to be Useful

Human beings have a need to be useful, for our lives to mean something and not just be time spent existing and surviving. Being useful is an innate human drive - we're social animals that ...

How to Develop Leadership Presence

A variety of factors shape leaders' effectiveness, but one of the most undervalued might be leadership presence. This criterion-how you are perceived and accepted by others-can open limitless career opportunities, or derail even the most talented people from reaching their leadership goals. In

5 Simple, Instant Fixes For Uncomfortably Organized Spaces

It can often seem like such a chore to do a simple thing.Ever get tired of crouching down low to find items in a hard to reach spot?How about wishing you had a special spot for hanging freshly ironed clothes?Let's not forget the frustration of piles falling over, rarely staying neat - unless no

The Internet World Comes Alive - Wake Up, Get Hooked In, and Go Online Human!

How can you tell what someone is addicted to - it's very simple, you merely give that human a day off, with nothing on their agenda, no school, no work, no obligations and you monitor them, and the first thing they do when they get up is most likely what they're addicted to. If they go and

Nine Characteristics Of Enthusiastic People

Enthusiasm is passion. Enthusiasm is a divine energy you will feel as a reward for pursuing your dreams and staying on your own path. An enthusiastic person has deciphered the secret code of his soul. And he receives the corresponding gifts: a great deal of enthusiasm, an extraordinary creativity an

How To Be a Memory Maker

It's what we do-not what we say-that counts. So if we say we want to make memories, why don't we? We live in a free country. So why all this wistful, I want to do one thing, but I can't seem to get there? I say I want to lose weight, but I want to eat chocolate more. I'm a firm b

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Have you ever wondered why decisions that are made sometimes (often?) have unexpected consequences? This is usually because LUC has been ignored. LUC is the Law of Unintended Consequences and almost always affects decisions, usually for the worse. Here are some examples...

Managing Upwards

One of the keys to success at work is understanding your boss and what is important to him or her.Get this right and it will have a very positive influence on your career.

Overcoming Procrastination Tips for You!

Procrastination is sometimes at the core of failure in people's lives. It is the worst addiction, and it claims a large number of victims in the world. Everyone knows how harmful it is to procrastinate. ...

Figuring Out How To Tap Into Your Potential

Who wants to lead a stressful and exhausted life? A few simple lifestyle changes can help your health improve and your energy lift. Setting personal development goals can be the best thing that you have ...

Permanent Ink - What Can You Do About It

Several days ago I returned home from a trip that left me physically tired and emotionally drained. When I walked into my home, I took immediate stock of what Kyle, my recent high school graduate, had done or more accurately had not done in preparation to leave for college in less than 36 hours.

Never Depend On Luck, Depend On Your Deep Mind

Mental powers, they come naturally at birth. Thought, persistence, computer like programming and the like. They are there as standard equipment for most of us, all we have to do is use it right and we will benefit.