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Your 2011 Year End Report Card

This article takes a look at evaluating your past years goal and objectives, grading yourself, and establising your plan to change in the future.

Chose to Be Happy Now Regardless of Your Circumstances

You may look at your life feeling great anguish for all the things you do not have, for all the things you lost, for all the regrets and sorrows you remember. If you do so then you probably feel less than happy. So why would you look at all that is wrong or missing if it makes you feel crummy?

Stress Relief for the Caregiver

Stress is a common problem for those caring for an ailing loved one. Learning how to deal with it is important.

Developing a Manifestation Schedule

When you begin using the Law of Attraction, it's easy to get sidetracked and distracted. You might do your visualization exercises for a week or two religiously, then suddenly realize that a month has passed and you haven't done anything. This is common, but it is important to break this b

The Peak Experience - A Window To Higher Consciousness

Peak Experiences, the ecstatic high points in ones' life, can be a help or hindrance in a person's spiritual journey. If repeated returns become the destination, then it can lead to a freezing of spiritual progress or addictive behavior. If it is used as a window into an understanding of h

Are You Ready For Success? Consistency and Self-Command

If you want to be ready for success, you must know that success is a complete transformation. A complete transformation of who you are to the vision you would like to experience. Self-command is the ability to drive your thoughts and actions in a direction that you actually want to go in.

Cannabis, Skunk Addiction - Effects and Withdrawal

Since Marijuana first made its debut in the 60's and 70's the debate has been whether it is addictive or not. Does it ruin lives like other drugs and alcohol? Decades later many things have changed including the manufacturing of drugs. Great Britain just reclassified it to a Class B drug m

In Defense Of Bookworms

Avid readers, who prefer reading rather than indulging in other leisure activities such as watching TV or playing sports, are usually subjected to a multitude of prejudices. Common misperceptions about those who love reading are that they are anti-social; they are also often referred to as the most

Hypnosis for Driving Test

Driving test is normally conducted as an examination for any person who wants to have a valid driving license. People who get through these tests are given the permission of driving on roads, as they are looked upon as good or capable behind the wheels. These tests are conducted for the safety of th

10 Characteristics of Resilient People

Why is it important to develop resilience? How easily can you bounce back from hardships and misfortunes in your life? Happiness is accompanied with good times.

Original Ideas and Concepts - Posers, Fakers and Fraudsters

As the coordinator for the Online Think Tank, I have always been concerned about the Fraud that goes on in Think Tanks. Often people will pretend they have an original idea. After a little searching it turns out to be something that was in a Science Fiction book 50-60 years earlier. Still. They will

GAS Up Your Positive Attitude

Is life keeping you down in the dumps? How about adding some new additives that will G.A.S. up your attitudes?

How to Become a Star in a Crowd

It is a fact that each one of us wants to become a star of our crowd. Hey, not that movie star sort of, but someone whom everyone wants to be with. Do you have what it takes to be the one? Read on.

Alcohol Treatment - How to Get Help For Alcohol Addiction

If you have a problem with alcohol addiction there is help. You do not have to live in addiction for the rest of your life. All over the world there are alcohol treatment programs that offer the best recovery programs known to man.

Healing With the Cuddle Cure - Oxytocin

I've been healing and getting high on the 'hug drug', the 'tend and befriend' hormone called Oxytocin. This hormone that our bodies naturally produce is also referred to as the 'cuddle cure' because of its tremendous health benefits, which include lowering our bloo

5 Custom Made Gift Ideas

While buying a gift for someone is a nice gesture it is not as personal as receiving something made specifically for the receiver. Now not everyone is crafty enough to make something special to give to whoever the lucky recipient may be but that doesn't mean you have to avoid personalizing thei

Finding Your Mission on Planet Earth - Your Manifest Destiny

We were all conceived for a specific reason. We all have a role to play in the grand scheme of the Universe. It could even be said that we were divinely ordained to fulfill a specific mission. Those are scary words for some, self-evident statements for others and food for thoughts for everyone.