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Butterflies Hitting Home Runs: Choice vs. Chance

I was talking with my good friend Tom Hanson the other day and the topic of choice vs. chance came up. Tom is a sports psychology coach (you can see all about him at www.FocusedBaseball.com) who has an extensive history of working with professional baseball players to improve their mental game.

Following Routine Or Feeling Alive?

Routine, in general is nothing bad and, in fact, it helps us to get things done faster, in a more reliable way as well as protecting our brain from overloading. Yet, when we settle too much into a life of routine, life becomes monotonous and mechanical. When did you last feel full of life and what c

How to Lose Weight Effortlessly Today

What is the secret behind weight loss? This seems to be the million dollar question these days and something that people all over the world are trying to find the answer for. In fact it has become such a mystery that organisations all over the world have started to try and get you to spend money on

Tips And Hints To Help Burn Belly Fat

Shedding fat deposits around the stomach area can be one of the most difficult spots to lose it from. This is where your body prefers to keep its main store of energy and it is ...

Increase Motivation and Fat Loss by Evaluating Your Goals

Long-term success in health and fitness is often determined by motivation. When people start losing motivation to achieve their goals, their chance of success is often lost as well. This article discusses how your goals can affect your level of motivation and explains how to develop goals that will

An Introduction to Medifast

If you're ready to start concentrating on your weight loss and stop thinking about what and how to eat, then Medifast is ready to be the help you're looking for. The meal delivery program from ...

Top Dream Recollection Tips With a Focus on Dream Symbols

We wake up and simply don't remember most of our dreams - that's the reality - we may have 3-6 dreams per night for an average 7-8 hour night's sleep, but we're lucky if we remember a few dreams per week. Since most dreams come during the late hours just before we awake, you&apos

How to Lose Weight Quickly and Keep it Going

Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, the faster the better. How to lose weight quickly is the dream of many people. What we are proposing is a plan to lose weight quickly and naturally without any stress on your body or mind. Keeping it simple ensures that it can be sustained. You want to lose wei

Beware the Hijackers of Your Transformation

The puzzling fact is that the aspirations of many intelligent and determined people frequently fall far short of their objectives. They blame bad luck, bad timing, the bad economy, discrimination and a bevy of other excuses when in fact they've unknowingly allowed dark elements to breach the co

Anxiety: A Disorder Or Normal Reaction To Life?

Is your "anxiety" a serious disorder or just a normal reaction to the stress of living? How can you know if you need professional help? There is an Anxiety Checklist available for free. According to ...

Weight Loss Tea, The Magical Green Leaves Tea

Assuming you haven't been living under a rock this past few years, you've certainly heard people touting the benefits of green tea , whether in a magazine, online ad, or television special. The truth of the matter? Losing weight with green tea is possible , but not for the reasons many peo

How to Lose Weight During the Holidays!

The main part of any weight loss plan is just to focus on eating good foods well. You should not have to cut out all of the carbs, all of the fat, and all of the meat; these unbalanced diets may work for a time, but all of the body fat if they are not stuck to for long periods of time.

Learn Hypnosis Or NLP - Which One is More Useful?

When you begin to learn hypnosis, you find out that there are several techniques to consider. So there are two words that you are most likely to come across with: Covert Hypnosis and NLP. For the newbie, this may sound strange and unfamiliar.

Believe in You! And the World Will Be Convinced

Every life has its dark and cheerful hours. Abraham Maslow once said, When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail. So I have chosen to remain positive and work through the wind. After all "happiness comes from what you chose to remember."

Why Is Everyone Else So Happy?

We all heard the phrase, "Hurt people, Hurt people" and yet this concept is not easily understood. When people are not happy, they naturally have a tendency to treat people with despair, discontent, disrespect and, most importantly, negative energy.

How to Be Confident Instead of Shy and Insecure

As a matter of fact, you are shy and insecure exactly because you are too afraid of other people's criticism, which means that you want to be considered always perfect. You have to simply abandon your pride and say to yourself that you have the right to make mistakes and learn; you don't n

The No Diet

Now here's an interesting thought...cutting calories does not have to mean going on a "diet."Most people who want to lose weight think they have to go on a proven and well-thought out program prescribed by their doctor. Or they purchasethe latest diet tome to hit the bookstore shelves

Some Questions on Ways to Lose Belly Fat are Answered

Have you been spending to much time on the couch or in front of the computer? Or have there been too many weak moments when your sweet tooth was bothering you? Whether you are pear shaped or apple shaped, most of us have had some questions popping into our heads on how we can lose belly fat fast.

Whose Life is it Anyway?

We have to remember what is for you is for you and your life should not be penalized for the wrong decisions a parent, sibling or close friend has made in the past that has placed them in the predicament they are in now. No one can hold you back from your dreams but you.

Meal Plans 101 Reviews

I used to carry out a traditional strict fat-fighting diet which deprives me of all my favorite foods. After three weeks, I became exhausted and depressed, my hurdles were still there.As long as you stick ...